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College is a critical time of life for an individual. Choices are made that will set you on a path to career and shape the remainder of your life. The last thing you need is trouble in your courses. The study of science is the basis for many career paths in our high-tech modern world. Science represents unique challenges to a student due to its abstract and complex nature.

Over many years I have taught at the college and university level, I understand these difficulties and have seen firsthand the problems such difficulties present the student. My wide range of teaching experience in such courses as introductory biology, genetics, microbiology, invertebrate zoology, entomology, human genetics, and others gives me a unique breath of experience on which to draw. Additionally, having an advanced degree in biology and having been a professional scientist gives me a particular advantage in helping students, as I had to personally wrestle with difficult and abstract scientific problems and grasp their nature in order to be successful. This combination of many years teaching and doing scientific research gives me a unique ability and desire to help students in science.

If you're taking biology courses, introductory chemistry, or general science for non-majors, I can guide you through the coursework and help you improve your understanding of the subject matter. I understand the unique challenges that college students face, and I will work closely with you to ensure that you have a solid grasp of the material. Please arrange a free consultation to see if I can meet your needs.

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