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My homeschooling service is tailor-made to students in grades 7-12 in a variety of scientific disciplines. Whether your child is struggling in biology, chemistry, or other areas of science, I, with my experience as a tutor, will provide personalized instruction to help them excel.

Both my wife and I partly homeschooled our children, so I understand that homeschooling can be challenging, especially on scientific topics. That's why I additionally offer one-on-one guidance to parents, helping to equip them with the tools and knowledge to effectively teach science to their children. You'll gain confidence in your homeschooling abilities to give your child a top-quality education.

So why do you need my homeschooling service? Well, think about the benefits your child will gain from personalized attention. I will help you create lesson plans that address your child's specific needs and learning style as well as review the scientific concepts with you so you can more effectively convey these ideas to your child.

Still unsure? Let's have a chat about how my homeschooling service can benefit your child. Click the link below and schedule a free consultation with me. Your child's academic success starts here!

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If you are a student in college or in grades 7 to 12 looking for personal and high-quality science instruction, you've found your place here! Send me a message below and I will do my best to accommodate your schedule and how to meet.