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Science can be an intimidating field, filled with abstract and complex concepts that often baffle many students. I understand these challenges firsthand, having taught at both the high school and college levels for many years. I've seen the difficulties that students encounter when grappling with the intricate world of science, and I'm here to help.
Thanks to my advanced degree in biology and extensive experience as a scientist, I bring a unique advantage to science tutoring. My years in the laboratory, wrestling with difficult and abstract scientific problems, have equipped me with a deep understanding of the nature and intricacies of science.
This blend of teaching and research experiences allows me to effectively support students across various scientific subjects. While biology and introductory general science courses are my primary focus, I also extend my services to chemistry and other disciplines as needed.
Beyond the traditional student-teacher setup, I cater to the increasing homeschool community by offering consultations to parents regarding curriculum and effective teaching strategies. I'm eager to share my knowledge and passion for science, helping students not just to learn but to truly understand and appreciate the subject.

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If you are a student in college or in grades 7 to 12 looking for personal and high-quality science instruction, you've found your place here! Send me a message below and I will do my best to accommodate your schedule and how to meet.