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I'm Dr. Daniel P. Toma, and I'm dedicated to offering exceptional science tutoring services in south-central Minnesota. Specializing in biology, chemistry, and introductory general science courses, my mission is to unlock the potential of students in college and grades 7–12. I'm here to help guide you to understand the complex world of science.

With an advanced degree in biology and a rich professional background as a scientist, I deeply understand the intricate nature of scientific problems. Over many years of teaching at the college and high school levels, I've personally witnessed the challenges students face when grappling with abstract scientific concepts. Leveraging this understanding and experience, I offer personalized quality science tutoring directly infused with real-life knowledge and expertise.

The breadth of services at Oriole Science Tutoring mirrors the diverse field of science itself. While biology and introductory science courses are my primary focus, I also provide targeted support in chemistry. Depending on your needs, I can assist with other scientific disciplines.

Recognizing that a conventional classroom setting may not be suitable for everyone, I go a step further. Besides my core tutoring service, I provide comprehensive support for homeschooling parents. If you're teaching your children at home, I can consult with you about curriculum and instruction methods, equipping you with the knowledge and tools necessary to teach science effectively.

Oriole Science Tutoring isn't just a business; it's a testament to my personal journey and passion for science education. I founded this service driven by my extensive experience as a teacher and professional scientist and a mission to ease the difficulties students face with abstract and complex scientific concepts. I aim to share my expertise and make science more accessible to everyone.

My approach to tutoring is personal, hands-on, and adaptive to each student's needs. Understanding that every student learns in a unique way, I tailor my methods accordingly. My goal is not only to help you excel academically but also to foster a genuine love for science.

At Oriole Science Tutoring, I'm dedicated to ensuring your success in the world of science. I invite students in Minneapolis/St Paul and the surrounding areas of Minnesota to take advantage of my top-tier science tutoring services. Whether you're grappling with biology concepts, chemistry equations, or the fundamentals of general science, I'm here to help.

Are you ready to take the first step towards academic excellence in science? Contact me below or at (507) 676-0810 for a free consultation, and let's begin your journey to success in the world of science. Let's explore, discover, and understand the fascinating realm of science together with Oriole Science Tutoring.

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If you are a student in college or in grades 7 to 12 looking for personal and high-quality science instruction, you've found your place here! Send me a message below and I will do my best to accommodate your schedule and how to meet.